10 Tips Before Starting Diablo Immortal

What is Diablo Immortal?

Blizzard brought the Diablo experience to mobile with its latest release. Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play online multiplayer RPG that features multiple classes, a scary number of monsters, and enough loot to keep you busy for months. It launched on mobile on June 2, 2022, and is currently in open-beta mode on PC.

The story takes place between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III, where the forces of evil continue to prevail. Players learn new skills, unfold the intriguing storyline, and can team up with friends to defeat the devil!

For Diablo veterans, Diablo Immortal will feel very familiar. Even still, it’s helpful to have a refresher on the most important aspects of the game. Here are my top 10 tips to help you get off to a fast start!

Diablo Immortal

Allow Time for Downloads

I was surprised to see how much downloadable content was available at launch. You are able to boot into the base game after the initial download, but there are also multiple gigabytes of additional content to be downloaded.

Depending on your internet speeds, it will likely take at least a couple of hours to download everything. Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi and queue up the downloads for all the extra content before jumping into the game.

Downloads in Diablo Immortal

Consider Using a Controller for Diablo Immortal

There’s a lot going on at all times in the midst of a battle. In Diablo Immortal, the default control scheme relies on touchscreen icons. The layout takes up a bunch of space and can be slow to navigate when trying to utilize many skills at once.

Thankfully, Blizzard launched the game with native controller support! Aside from the typical Xbox controller, I was able to use my Moga controller and customize the buttons. Do yourself a favor and connect a Bluetooth controller to your phone to take advantage of the flexibility of controllers.

Controller Mapping in Diablo Immortal

Salvage All

Crafting is an important mechanic in Diablo Immortal. Players can use materials to increase the power level of their gear. 

If you speak to your local merchant, you are given an option to salvage any unwanted gear in return for crafting materials. It’s easy enough to select individual items, but this is a slow process to go through when you’ve been looting for hours.

Instead, check off one of the boxes on the bottom of the screen to select all equipment of a certain rarity. I recommend always salvaging low-value items in order to gain more materials for your equipped gear.

Salvage All Extra Equipment

Turn on Auto Pick Up

In Diablo Immortal, as with its predecessors, hundreds of loot items are constantly dropping on the ground. Whether they fall from enemies, chests, or other destructible vessels, your screen can quickly become filled with floor loot.

Do yourself a favor and turn on Auto Pick Up in the general settings tab. This way, floor loot will automatically be transferred into your inventory when you walk over it. To start, check all the boxes, but as you level, it makes sense to only pick up Magic and Rare items.

Auto Pick Up Option

Claim Your Rewards

There are all kinds of rewards to be claimed in Diablo Immortal. Thre’s a free daily reward that you receive from just logging in, you get rewards for completing daily challenges, and you get rewards for finishing story missions.

Interestingly, you need to do some extra clicking in order to actually acquire your earned rewards. A good place to start is by going to the shop. Diablo Immortal notifies you of important tabs with a red diamond indicator. Make sure to click on these and then claim your hard-earned rewards!

Featured Rewards

Use Safe Zones in Diablo Immortal

Most things in Diablo Immortal are trying to kill you. Luckily, the game has designated Safe Zones where monsters will do you no harm.

These are typical towns scattered around the map where you can repair equipment, sell items, and upgrade gear. If you ever find yourself dangerously low on health while being chased by a mob, dart into your nearest Safe Zone to survive another day.

Safe Zones

Don’t Follow the Beaten Path

Diablo Immortal does a great job of showing players exactly where to go. The game literally highlights the direction to your objective with yellow footsteps!

While this is helpful to progress in the storyline quickly, it often means skipping over hoards of enemies and potential goodies. It’s especially important at the beginning of the game to fight as many enemies as possible to get used to the mechanics. Additionally, you’ll get more experience and items by exploring as much of the map as possible.

Navigating in Diablo Immortal

Don’t Get Sucked into the Pay-to-Win Model!

Diablo Immortal is getting plenty of attention online for what many consider predatory pay-to-win practices. You could easily spend a load of money in this game before you realize it since the game starts off with many small, sub-$1 purchases. However, things quickly escalate as you progress through the game and buffs get more expensive.

Instead, enjoy the game for what it is – a free-to-play action RPG with solid game mechanics, beautiful graphics, and an intriguing storyline. You don’t have to pay a dime to enjoy these things and you’ll still have access to the free section of the Battle Pass rewards.

Battle Pass Season 1

Experiment with Different Skills

Each character can use 1 primary attack and have 4 secondary attacks bound. The system will automatically add new skills to your action UI until you’ve filled up all 5 slots. 

As you level up in Diablo Immortal, each character will learn new skills that can be equipped. Check out the summary of each skill as you learn it, swap it out for one of your existing skills, and experiment with that ability in your gameplay. There are sure to be good combinations of skills for each class so find what works best for your playstyle.

Barbarian Skills

Equip Stronger Armor in Diablo Immortal

Skills in Diablo Immortal are just one component of your character’s power. The other part is guided by your gear.

As you loot, make sure to equip items that make your character more effective. At times, this may mean one of your less important stats goes down while your primary stats increase. This tradeoff will be worth it depending on what kind of character you have.

Inventory in Diablo

What are your top Diablo Immortal tips and tricks? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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